Saturday, July 4, 2009

routine job visiting day to USJ .  Got to send Natasha for her piano class at Summit. Check and do some spring clean at my other house there. Hafiz my elder son is currently staying there. It has become our weekend home ever since we move here. Late in the evening got to send Natalia to her collage in UITM S.Alam. Routine job for me...I wish i have time to have tea with friends in Subang. Sorry guys x sempat. Next time we arrange for window shop and tea as well. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hubby will be back fromParis tomorrow morning. Hepi and boring at the same time. Radio station dia on je all the time. Bebel at the kids. (jangan marah darling). Will be very busy too got mengaji class at the same time. Kesian my furry children x sempat nak layan especially my baby Onche. 

hectic day

Today is the most busy day for me. Went shopping with my daughter. bought some stuffs for her to be used in the hostel. She has to register for her first year degree in law. last week went to sent her elder sister to register for her first year degree in architecture. what to do? it's a mom's job. I hardly spend time with my furry children (my cats). :(